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We recognise that our clients are not just interested in attracting top talent, they are becoming increasingly concerned about retaining the talent they already employ. SSQ can assist in both areas.

We have made the pool of available candidates larger through the introduction of our international division, allowing clients to recruit the top talent not only from the UK but also from Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Through SSQ's association with the Holst Group, the European distributor of The McQuaig Psychometric Testing System, we offer various tools to our clients in the UK to assist in effective retention of their lawyers.

Psychometric Assessments
Video Technology

  • Psychometric Assessments
(Please note that psychometric assessments are currently available in the UK only.)
Today, legal recruitment in a mature market like the UK demands a more sophisticated and scientific approach. By pioneering the use of psychometric assessments SSQ has successfully reduced the risk within legal recruitment.
Psychometric assessments assist our clients to make informed recruitment decisions. We provide them free of charge as part of our core service.
For effective recruitment in today's world it is necessary to look further than just identifying the appropriate skills and experience of a candidate. For a candidate to flourish in a role, employers must also identify culturally how a candidate will perform in their specific environment.
Unfortunately clients often only find out that a candidate they have hired is culturally or behaviourally incompatible many months after the candidate has begun their employment. The candidate may have been good on paper and credible in person but might not fit in with the culture of the organisation. In order to avoid costly recruitment errors SSQ offers candidates the opportunity to undertake a psychometric assessment so that clients can get an idea about a candidate's cultural fit.
A psychometric assessment is not a test - it is just an effective tool to complement the factual due diligence a client will undertake before making an important recruitment decision.
  • Video Technology
(Please note that video CVs and client videos are currently available in the UK only.)
SSQ is leading legal recruitment consultancies into the 21st century and making full use of video and internet technology.

  • Video CVs - SSQ has pioneered the use of video CVs for our candidates. We appreciate that time constraints mean that clients prefer to interview candidates based primarily on the candidate's CV. However some candidates are stronger in person than on paper. This means that clients are potentially missing out on interviewing top quality candidates. As a result SSQ provides clients with video CVs of those candidates whom we feel would be worth serious consideration but who might have been overlooked by a client on the basis of their written CV.
  • Client Videos - For many of our law firm clients standing out in the global legal recruitment market and securing the best candidates is a major challenge. At SSQ, we have the expertise – as well as our own studio in London – to help clients to create a recruitment video. In order to enhance its impact even further, SSQ can incorporate the video into a cost effective microsite. This enables law firm clients to give prospective candidates worldwide a deeper and more personal insight into their firm.
For clients, SSQ’s use of video technology can provide a significant competitive advantage.

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