Training & Development

Please note that this section applies only to our work in the UK.

We believe that recruitment is about selecting the right people for the right jobs. We see it as our responsibility to assist our clients to assess, select and retain those people. We are not a CV processing factory. We leave that to others.

We recognise that many organisations hire on technical skills and fire for behavioural reasons. It is for this reason that we invite our candidate lawyers in the UK to complete a behavioural psychometric assessment as part of our service. Neither our candidates nor our clients pay for this.

Beyond offering this service, SSQ has formed a unique partnership with The Holst Group, the European distributor for The McQuaig Psychometric Testing System. The System, which has been developed over the past 30 years, consists of various proven tools enabling an employer to select the lawyers who will best fit into their culture, and crucially to develop them in a way that ensures that they reach their maximum potential.

In conjunction with The Holst Group, we also offer our clients a bespoke array of products and services to enhance creativity, innovation and team building. Through the combined resources of SSQ and The Holst Group, we have brought together our years of experience and knowledge of the legal sector with their recognised approach to psychometrics, training and development.

At SSQ we work alongside our clients, giving them the power to make lawyers their competitive edge.

Recruiter Hot 100 2016.

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