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Shilton Sharpe Quarry achieves second place in the 2014 HOT 100
Shilton Sharpe Quarry (SSQ) is pleased to announce it has once again maintained a strong position in The Recruiter magazine’s “HOT 100” list, which ranks UK headquartered recruitment consultancies based on their gross profit per employee (GPPE).  
SSQ has been ranked second in this year’s HOT 100 list. This continues an excellent track record and is the first time that the same consultancy has been able to maintain a top three ranking for four consecutive years. Following a year of significant investment in increasing its headcount by 12.5%, in particular in Asia and in its London based interims businesses, SSQ expects to see a further improvement in its GPPE in next year’s list.  SSQ has also topped the magazine’s Professional Recruiters list for the third consecutive year.
Nick Shilton, SSQ’s Chief Executive, commented: 
“Being so close to the top of the HOT 100 for another year is a real reflection of the strength of our business model and the quality of our people. Our consistent performance in the HOT 100 is unrivalled, not only in the legal search/recruitment sector but also across the board. We are reaping the benefits of our recent investments. 2014 has been another excellent year for SSQ, the results of which will be reflected in next year’s HOT 100 list.  All of our international teams have contributed to our achievements and all have the determination to continue SSQ’s success into 2015 and beyond. While complacency is alien to us as a business, we are very optimistic about SSQ’s future.” 
Recruiter Hot 100 2016.

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