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The rise of the Chinese business

As one of the largest legal search teams in China, we frequently meet in-house lawyers at all levels to discuss their careers. In recent times, the number of enquiries from top notch lawyers considering their in-house career options has really increased and they are often battling the decision to move to a Chinese business or a multinational (MNC)/international company. But the popularity of the domestic businesses is growing. In this article our consultant Frank Yuen highlights why a Chinese corporate is an attractive prospect for lawyers. 

There are always a number of things to consider when looking at a potential new employer; the corporate culture, management style, potential growth, IPO potential, job stability and long term career prospects for example. And these considerations are often different to those when considering a move to another law firm. We have seen a real increase in the number of in-house opportunities available, and this market continues to get busier every quarter. We estimate that for our business in-house roles now contribute to about 40-50% of all the roles we are working on, in comparison to perhaps 20% just two years ago. Chinese businesses are mostly contributing to this increase. These businesses are eager to expand which creates new legal departments and new opportunities in established ones, global leadership roles for lawyers and active global investment deal flow, which is attractive to candidates. In contrast, most international companies continue to be conservative in expanding or look to just maintain their business operation as it is. In addition, due to the uncertainty of the global and Chinese economies, heightened trade wars, the continual tightening of PRC regulatory rules and competition pressure from local Chinese companies, some well-known MNC and international businesses are selling their less profitable businesses, merging with other global players or scaling down their existing operations in China. 

For a candidate, the most important thing to consider when looking to move to a new role is to identify clearly about who you are and what you want to get out of your next role.  For example, how much risk are you willing to take and what kind of personal and career goals are you are trying to achieve. For more information on the current market or to discuss opportunities, please contact Frank Yuen at frank.yuen@ssq.com.  

 Frank Yuen, September 2018
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