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Candidate Services

Our team of private practice consultants recruits lawyers on behalf of a broad range of international and domestic law firms in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Asia, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Africa, Switzerland, Russia and central and eastern Europe.

  • Newly Qualified Private Practice Recruitment
    The first major choice of your legal career is where, and into which area, to qualify.  Our private practice consultants are some of the most experienced in the market.  We take the time to meet with you face to face (subject to geographic constraints) so we can advise you personally on this important decision.  We can help you put together your CV and prepare for interviews. With our connections across the City and beyond, we ensure that all relevant opportunities are brought to your attention.  We can help you stand out from the crowd with our use of psychometric assessments and our candidate extranet, Nelly, ensures that you remain fully informed on the progress of your applications.  Our consultative approach puts you at the centre of the decision making process.
  • Associate Private Practice Recruitment
    From newly qualified to senior associate level, we provide detailed market intelligence, combined with practical advice such as the appropriate firm/s to approach and the best method of doing so. Through our pioneering, secure extranet Nelly, candidates can track every stage in the recruitment process and shadow the work of their consultant. Where relevant, we also provide comprehensive feedback on psychometric assessments, enabling candidate lawyers to make informed career decisions.
  • Junior Partner Private Practice Recruitment
    Moving as an associate to a partner or partner designate role requires a different approach. You may need guidance on building a business plan and assessing your market value. We provide bespoke advice to guide you through the process. 
  • Senior Partner/Team Private Practice Recruitment
    As a senior partner or part of a team, a unique set of rules applies. We understand those rules. The process is likely to be longer. The stakes are typically higher. Recruitment at this level is highly market sensitive. Absolute confidentiality from the outset is paramount. At the initial stage CVs are rarely produced. We provide assistance in producing financial and strategic business plans. Assessing the value of a senior individual or of a team and providing insightful market analysis is a key part of our service.
Client Services

At SSQ we believe that our role has a much broader remit than the mere introduction of CVs.  We believe in identifying and finding the right people for the right role.  Matching a candidate with a role from a cultural and personal perspective, as well as from a skills perspective, is much more likely to result in long term success.

SSQ operates a mixed business model undertaking contingent and retained executive search  as well as advertised selection. 

  • Contingent and Retained Search
    The core of our model is executive search or “headhunting”.   We work closely with our clients on either a contingent or retained basis as appropriate, identifying key individuals and making approaches in a discreet, professional and systematic manner.  We frequently execute such mandates on an exclusive basis, holding any candidates to the exclusive order of the client  concerned until they are released from consideration.

    Where our clients choose to retain us, we provide levels of research and documentation to order depending on our clients’ specific requirements, from a concise shortlist to a complete practice area or sector analysis.
  • Database Search
    We have a comprehensive, highly developed and sectorised database of high quality candidates.  This means that we are able to identify quickly candidates at all levels of seniority who have the skills and experience required.
  • Advertising Campaigns
    We have the expertise and a lengthy track record of running highly effective, eye-catching advertising campaigns, both for recruitment and for profile raising purposes. We have run campaigns on behalf of many leading international and domestic law firms as well as for corporates and financial institutions. Many of our clients wish to target the recruitment market using both offline and online media with the aim of proactively focusing on individuals with specific skill sets who may not otherwise be looking to move.
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