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In the UK completing your training contract and gaining qualification as a solicitor is an exciting time. It is the culmination of all your hard work, from university through to law school and the two years of training. Of course your career doesn’t stop upon qualification and the big question for all newly qualified lawyers (NQs) is what to do next.

One of the most important things to remember about qualification is that you should start considering your options as soon as possible, ideally about six months before the end of your training contract. Whether you think that your current firm will offer you a role or not, you should consider your options.

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For a full run down of how you should approach your search and how SSQ can help you secure your next role please email us to request a copy of our NQ guide: 

Some of the key points to consider are: 

1. Before you start searching you should update your CV and make it as detailed as possible.

2. Assess your social media accounts and ensure that your privacy is protected.

3. Instruct a recruitment consultancy which you trust, which can add genuine value to the process and which has a strong track record of working with the firms that you would be interested in joining.

4. Remember to track where your CV is being sent  - and remember that a consultancy should never send your CV to a potential employer without speaking to you about the role first and securing your consent.

Consider all the options. Do you want to continue in a private practice role or would you also be interested in making a move to an in-house position or an interim/contract role? There could also be international options which may be worth considering. 

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Further Information
For further information on NQ opportunities in the UK, please contact Rachael Fowler .


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